I've been working on congregating a bunch of security and development related tools into easy to install repositories. You can see the list of tools for yourself and grab the repo.

Grab the windows version: https://github.com/eugenekolo/win-sec-tools

Linux version: https://github.com/eugenekolo/sec-tools

git clone https://github.com/eugenekolo/sec-tools  
./sec-tools/bin/manage-tools.sh setup
source ~/.bashrc

# list the available category/tools
manage-tools list

# install whatever <category/tool-name>
manage-tools install binary/radare2

# use the tool - your path is automatically configured
rabin2 -e /bin/ls

The Windows version at the moment is just a bunch of installer.exe's that I downloaded off the respective site.

The Linux version is a bit more sophisticated in that it's a separate install shell script for each tool organized into categories. See the usage details on github.

Be sure to submit any pull requests or issues :smile:!