It's no secret I'm a huge fan of the Super Nintendo. The well told stories, the beautiful tested-through-time graphics, and the amount of game play in so many of the games made during the '90s of the SNES is just unbelievable.

01. Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda 1

This game is just unbelievably polished. The story is intact and cohesive (well as much as you can really get in the 90s). The game play keeps you constantly learning new things. The puzzles and exploration keeps you constantly looking, and thinking. Very few games can capture both whimsy, and bravery in a single package. A feature that sets this game apart as an AAA classic in the SNES era is most definitely the two halves of the game, the Light and the Dark worlds. The graphics in both are amazingly designed, and still stand up today.

Light and Dark worlds

02. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is not the most beautiful SNES game, nor the best designed. However, it makes up for all of its flaws with a unique and captivating story, alongside a multi-staged universe. The game takes place along 2 continents, and a few islands, but the trick to making the universe so vast is the game's time travel motif. I have yet to see any other game pull off time travel in ANY sort of way that's as enjoyable, and smooth as Chrono Trigger.

03. Super Mario World

Super Mario World provides an amazingly designed world alongside graphics that I feel are unmatched in aging. The game is still stunning today, and the world is just as fun as it was when the game was released.

04. Super Mario 3

Super Mario 3 is in a group of games that is very rare. It's the 3rd game in a series, and the best one out of them. Most often sequels to games never match the success of the original, however Super Mario 3 breaks that and surpasses both predecessors. It builds upon everything great in the prior series while adding several new features that don't take away, but only add fun to the game.

05. Super Mario RPG

This game was released towards the end of the SNES lifespan, and as such didn't do very well. It was forgotten for a little while, but then remembered and today is many SNES fans favorite games. This game is one of the few where you can find typical Nintendo characters (Mario, Luigi, Toad) alongside characters developed by Square Enix. As such, there's main characters in this game, that have yet to be introduced in any other game by Nintendo or with Mario in it.

It's also one of the few games where you'll see Mario and Bowser on the same team, exchanging jokes and breaking the fourth wall together.